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Last Updated: 01/19/2012 5:06 PM

The dust is starting to settle and
Two star crossed lovers are even more
In love today as they were on our special day
And they look forward to tomorrow where their
Love will be even stronger yet.

Colic and Caleb... - 01/25/2009
Well, things have been going well, except that these past 3 days have been a bit more trying than usual. Kristy and I did some reading and Caleb is exhibiting most all of the signs like a literal checklist of colic. We're hoping it isn't the case, but he can have everything okay one minute and the....[more]....[Add Comment]

Caleb status.. - 01/23/2009
We had our follow-up appointment for Caleb today and he is doing great! He weighs back in at his normal birth weigh plus some. This time his weight was 7 lbs 5.5oz up from 6 lbs 8 oz on 01/15. The doctor says he is progressing very well and is looking forward to getting his PKU results next week.....[more]....[Add Comment]

Dr report - 01/15/2009
We had our first doctor visit for little Caleb. Amber got to stay home from school today and was really excited to hear we were going to the doctor. We had to explain how they share the same doctor and she was really excited. Kids are so easy to entertain sometimes!!!! :-) Well, after a long wa....[more]....[Add Comment]

Rough night - Scary event... - 01/14/2009
Well, our little Caleb has his schedule a little backward. Kristy and I had this same issue with Amber. He is sleeping during the day and up all night. Monday night we got a few hours sleep if that, Tuesday night was even worse. He wants to stay up all night and wants to be held to go to sleep. ....[more]....[Add Comment]

Arriving home... - 01/12/2009
Great news! Amber is feeling much better now and we went to bring home little Caleb and Kristy. All are doing well. We're excited to have everyone home. We've setup Amber's old bassinet downstairs and Caleb's new bassinet upstairs in our room. We also found Amber's little swing from when she wa....[more]....[Add Comment]

Rough day... - 01/11/2009
Whew! What a day!! We started back up at 3am after going to bed shortly after midnight. My alarm was set to wake me up at 3:30am, but my dad accidentally opened the window in the bathroom and set off the house alarm. Talk about springing up!! I had to run over and see what zone was set off and ....[more]....[Add Comment]

It's Saturday!!! - 01/10/2009
Well, we're all beat! I didn't get but a few hours sleep last night after we came back from the nursery. Kristy was getting the normal poking and proding visits during the night so we're both beat. We were finally able to get some rest in during the morning and early afternoon before my dad, Ambe....[more]....[Add Comment]

Caleb's Here!!! - 01/10/2009
Yeah!!! He's here! We had some minor difficulties to contend with, but both mama and baby are doing well. Kristy went into the operating room at about 5:15 and after they got her all setup she started to have issues with her blood pressure and heart rate. They called me back about 5:35 or so and....[more]....[Add Comment]

Last appointment... - 01/06/2009
Kristy had her last appointment today. Things are going great! She's all set for delivery on Friday evening. We have to be at the hospital by 2pm for checkin and pre-work. My dad and sister, Jennifer, will be in tomorrow night. Yeah!!! She's an RN herself, so it will be nice to have some good ....[more]....[Add Comment]

Christmas news!! - 12/26/2008
Things are looking up for us! We're going to deliver on January 9th at 5:30pm. The doctor wasn't really happy with pushing the delivery so close, so his people called the hospital people and well....things are now fixed! We can't wait. Kristy's appointments are going great and the baby is progre....[more]....[Add Comment]